Friday, September 18, 2009


I volunteered to take a friend on Tuesday to LAX to catch a flight to Europe. I had three concerns. 1. Leaving in the dark and needing to use my headlights. 2. Having enough range to pick her up at UCI and having enough range to make the round trip of close to 100 miles, mainly on freeways. 3. The amount of space needed to take all of her baggage.
It all worked out fine. The total milage was 94 miles and the gage showed 14% of juice left in the batteries. The bags filled most of the available space. On my solo return I ducked into the car pool lane twice, just to be able to say I have used my silver "Access OK" stickers. When the traffic backed up I was in the right hand lane and decided it was not worth the trouble to work my way across several lanes of stop and go vehicles.

The odometer shows 3,155 miles now. We were away for 9 days in our RV in San Diego, so 030 sat still for that time. I have not had any new surprise since it came back from the shop. With our hot weather I have used the tip several times that Joel gave me -- both windows will go down when the doors are closed and you push and hold the unlock button on the key fob. The over-heated interior is much easier to get into when the windows have been opened first.