Sunday, October 25, 2009


I see that it has been more than 5 weeks since my last post. I guess my waning interest in continuing to be a Mini-e Pioneer is showing. I contacted Mini Financial Services to see if I could cancel my lease. The response came back that "Yes, if you pay off the balance of the lease payments." So, that is not a reasonable option. I have spoken twice to my salesman representative to see if he knows of anyone anxious to try out the Mini-e that would qualify to assume my lease, but no response on that front yet. As I told the UC Davis team this week, it is not fun anymore and I would like to get back to driving my 11 year old Lexus.

We had a good visit on Friday with the UC Davis research team for 2 hours. I was especially interested to get their input on the environmental issues. As we know, the media presents their viewpoints and what sounds like reasonable conclusions do not always reflect the actual situation. I do not know if I contributed much to the UCD research project, but they were pleased to see that I had completed all of the assignments, including the Google map job. I was impressed with their knowledge and commitment to improving the environment.