Saturday, August 1, 2009


As of today 030 has 1,959 miles on the odometer, which averages out to almost 1,000 miles per month.

And 695 KWH's were consumed in the 2 months.

The total % that was recharged was 2,014 in 56 charges, for an average charge of 27.2% each time.

The average number of KWA's consumed per each % was 0.356

The average number of KWH's consumed per each mile was 0.385

I reviewed my SCE bill and the summer rates started the day I took delivery. From June 1 to June 22nd I measured 259.5 KWH's used for 030. Looking at the chart, 207 were charged @ the average cost of $0.28 per KWH, for a cost of $57.96. The balance of 52.5 KWH were charged @ $0.24, giving an additional charge of $12.60. The total billed for the 259.5 KWH therefore was $70.56 or $0.096 per mile for the 734 miles traveled.

Round that up to $0.10 per mile as the cost of electricity!

That is my analysis---

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  1. 10c a mile seems significantly more that I expected. $3/gallon gas, 30mi/gallon. isn't that the same thing?

    Where is the benefit? Seems very high to me. Now you are going to make me count my milage and power.