Saturday, August 22, 2009


On August 13th I discovered that 030 would not charge. I tried everything I could think of like checking that the charge voltage was set correctly, hooking up the 110 volt charge cable (with the voltage set correctly), etc. and nothing worked. The fan would go on but there was no blinking light and the electric meter did not show any juice being used. I got ahold of Kirk (my salesman) and he advised me to bring it into Crevier service the next day, since I had enough charge left to do that. They checked it out and sent it to the shop in Oxnard. It came back yesterday and the diagnosis was that a cable had gotten hot on both ends and was not passing the juice through to charge the batteries. The comment was that this is the purpose of the field trial to shake down any problems. I was told that this is the first time they had encountered this problem. It is interesting that my neighbor, Joel, also had a "no charge" issue a month or so ago. They did not explain to him the cause. The upside of the experience was that they gave me a new bright red 300 hp BMW as a loaner. My wife thought it was pretty! But it cost about 19 cents per mile to fill it back up-----

Saturday, August 1, 2009


As of today 030 has 1,959 miles on the odometer, which averages out to almost 1,000 miles per month.

And 695 KWH's were consumed in the 2 months.

The total % that was recharged was 2,014 in 56 charges, for an average charge of 27.2% each time.

The average number of KWA's consumed per each % was 0.356

The average number of KWH's consumed per each mile was 0.385

I reviewed my SCE bill and the summer rates started the day I took delivery. From June 1 to June 22nd I measured 259.5 KWH's used for 030. Looking at the chart, 207 were charged @ the average cost of $0.28 per KWH, for a cost of $57.96. The balance of 52.5 KWH were charged @ $0.24, giving an additional charge of $12.60. The total billed for the 259.5 KWH therefore was $70.56 or $0.096 per mile for the 734 miles traveled.

Round that up to $0.10 per mile as the cost of electricity!

That is my analysis---