Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today marks one month since I took delivery of 030. I have clocked about 30 miles a day average even while not driving it at all 12 of those days. So I actually averaged 50 miles every day I drove it.

What I have liked most is the performance and the quietness. Also, what most other Mini owners have mentioned is the ease of parking it is a definite plus. And of course it is fun to be one of a small group of "Pioneers". I am enjoying tracking the KVA's used per mile, etc. The "fuel" cost of about 10 cents per mile is phenomenal. Unfortunately, the lease, sales tax and registration costs adds about $1 more per mile! So much for the price of having fun----

On the negative side of course is the limited range. This is not a factor most days, but it sure would be nice if I could travel wherever I wanted to go and not be concerned with running out of "juice". The limited cargo space has been a potential problem at Costco too. The car has an abundance of options as to how it is programmed, but I have had problems learning how to set those up and how to know how to operate the sound system. I am known as a person that does well with technical complications so I wonder how a person that does not have that inclination will deal with those issues. Perhaps they will just drive like it is delivered and not concern themselves with such questions.

I like the idea that I am reducing pollution and I look forward to seeing the solutions to the limited range problems resolved soon.

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