Friday, June 12, 2009


Today I needed to get extra keys for my 2002 T-Bird, so #030 had to stay home.  But we then went to see the movie Earth.  Spectacular seeing unbelievable footage of wild animals, birds and fish around the world!  We thought it was great for the young families there with us and worth ignoring the kids disruptions.

After stopping at Marie Callender's for pie I headed east just to cruise around.  We ended up near friends, so we stopped by for a visit.  Of course they both wanted to drive too and they were very impressed with my new wheels.  They were #14 & 15 to sign my "Guest Book".  The stats for the trip were 40 miles total with the battery ending up at 64% charge remaining.

If you have a MINI-E related blog or website of your own & show the link in a "Comment", I will try to get it listed here (I am not sure of how I do that, but I am sure I can work it out). 

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