Sunday, June 14, 2009

San Juan Capistrano

A great Sunday afternoon ride took us south along the coast.  First we checked out a mobile home park in Laguna Beach we looked at several years ago.  They have a lot of empty lots, but with rents over $2,600 a month plus the cost of the mobile, it is too rich for our blood as a vacation home.  We had one on the water at El Morro for 26 years and the space rent was $850 when we had to give it up to the CA State Parks for redevelopment a  few years ago.  Oh well, I guess we will have to stick with our RV.  I wonder if I towed the ME if it would charge the battery?  (Just a   joke!) 
After touring another MH Park with 90 mobile homes on the beach at San Clemente (just for more fun) we drove through town and then headed to Cedar Creek Inn across from Mission San Juan Capistrano for a delicious lunch.

On the technical side we traveled 59 miles and the battery indicated 39% remaining   That is in line with my previous observation that on the average the battery loses about 1% for each mile.  Interestingly the % went up to 43% after sitting 1 hour.  My odometer reads 726 in 13 days.

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  1. I've noticed the % charge goes up sometimes while it sits unplugged too, not sure why.