Monday, June 15, 2009


We invited a friend to lunch at The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove State Park.  And our friend wanted to check out the ME too.  They estimated the wait after signing up to be about 45 minutes, so I buzzed down the the 4 miles with Katie and dropped her off to get on the wait list.  I then drove to CDM (5 miles) and picked up the friend.  Lunch was great, the view fabulous, and the conversation was very good.  Then the discussion turned to how we would get everyone home.  The photo shows our quick solution  --  make 030 a 3 passenger car!

I have been trying to figure out the best way to install my Garmin 265WT.  An ad for Best Buy included a holder that just sits on the dash at about 1/3 of list price, valid through today.  I trotted over there and was told that it works very well.  I like it because it just sits there without any hook tape or other undesirable method of installation.  You can see in the photo that it is a great location.  While there I asked about the traffic report feature of the GPS and he explained that the roads are color coded according to the current conditions.  I was wondering why it was not talking to me to warn of traffic ahead!  Also I tested out the bluetooth connection and found it satisfactory as a hands free device.  Just do not use it with the phone open  --  it squeals!  You can even dial on the GPS.

Today I only traveled 43 miles and had a 48% charge left.  I wonder if the higher usage was due to playing the radio most of the time and having the GPS plugged in about 1/2 of the time.


  1. Roy... Peter... I'm a MINI owner, a MINI blogger and a MINI online retailer. I would love to interview you for my blog TwistyBlitz. I'm interviewing other MINI E owners this Saturday & Sunday.

    You can contact me at WWW.TWISTYBLITZ.COM

  2. OOPS.... Peter was a mistake. I love the Beachcomber!