Saturday, June 6, 2009

ME #2

I have started tracking my KWH usage and here are my latest results:

DATE 6/5/09
KWH 84.7
KWH/Miles .347

What this shows me is that I am using about one KWH every 3 miles. I have not yet verified that this is my total extra cost per KWH, but Socal Edison told me that I am presently paying 24 cents per KWH and that rate will go to 28 cents when I reach my next tier. All of this is to say that my electricity is costing about 8 cents per mile. Not a bad cost for fuel!

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  1. Hi There...I'm seeing the same usage if I've calculated correctly. We're using 26 kwhs to recharge after 80 miles of driving. Have done this same drive 4 times and each time it's consistently 26 kwhs.